About Richforth


RICHFORTH.COM is a Sourcing Center which customizes all kinds of products for the small and medium-sized businesses, providing customers with convenient and first-rated service via Internet-marketing. No matter you’re an owner of 2-dollar-shop, a member of E-bay, or an operator of gift-mail company, you also need to stock and import products from China. RICHFORTH is your comprehensive Sourcing Center. We will take advantage of our rich sourcing experience and great productivity to offer you the good products with competitive price.


Richforth Limited is a company that embodies the true integration of the B2B enterprise. Centered strategically on China’s mid-coastal region, Richforth has plenty of advantages bridging the new world of B2B e-commerce and reliable traditional trading.

A. Experienced reputation and diversified product range. We have 15 years of global trading experience, starting with traditional commerce and evolving into a B2B platform. It deals with more than 1,000,000 different products ranging from apparels, clocks, bags, shoes to home products. It is virtually an one-stop shopping mall that caters to small wholesale, retail and corporate clients.

B. Extensive supplier base. Positioned strategically between the giant industrial belts of the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze Delta, Richforth boasts of an extensive supplier infrastructure and resource platform for straight-through trade processing. It is connected to more than 250 factories and has strong relationships with more than 1,000 others. This allows the company to maximize customization and improve productivity and lower supply chain bottlenecks.

C. Mass Market Niche. By focusing on small to medium trading enterprises, Richforth is able to offer premium service for this market segment.

D. Integrated Trade Processing. Richforth offers convenience and quality trade service which integrates the entire trading procedure. Auto-order filling, immediate reply and confirmation, secure backup of customer profile and information are some of the features that make Richforth successful. The end result is an easy and seamless trading environment which is very cost effective for SMEs and entrepreneurs.